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Did I just *buy* a CD?

23 Sep

For this first time since at  least 2004, I bought a CD. Yes, an actual physical piece of media. What kind of music is amazing enough to make me forgo just downloading it and adding it to my iPod? Hurley by Weezer. Honestly, the music isn’t the amazing part. It’s a decent album with some good tracks, but it’s not the best of the year. It’s the album cover: a picture of Jorge Garcia, better known as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes on the sadly ended television show LOST.

Yep, it’s just an up-close shot of the big and loveable Hurley. Who could resist?

Hurley is about on par with Raditude, maybe better. “Time Flies” is probably my favorite, and it’s very different from the rest of the album. “Smart Girls” is a really fun song that contrasts the totally overdone “sexy girl” songs. So check it out, even if you just download it.

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