It’s that time of the year…

17 Sep

… for flu shots! If you’ve decided to get your flu shot this year, you’re in good company. A growing number of businesses and organizations are offering flu shots this year. you don’t have to go to a doctor. Many pharmacies, big-box stores, and grocery stores have them available. You can even get vaccinated at some fairs, festivals, and other events.

Here are some prices at major chains:

  • Walmart – $24
  • Sam’s Club – $24
  • Costco – $20 (you don’t have to be a member)
  • Target – $24
  • Kroger – $25 (H1N1 vaccine is $10)
  • CVS – $20-25 (receive a 10% in-store savings pass with shot, also you can spend $30 on on Procter & Gamble products and get a free flu shot) )
  • Walgreens – $24.99-$30
  • Rite Aid – $24.99 (includes up to $100 in rite Aid savings)
  • Food Lion – $27 with MVP card

(prices are just a guide and may vary from each location)

Also, see if your workplace will give discounts on flu shots. Student IDs  might also get you a significant discount. College campuses and hospitals will sometimes have a set day where you can get your vaccine either free or really cheap, so be on the lookout.

Get your flu shot early. There are a limited number of vaccines at each location, and high-risk groups are given priority. Always remember to check your vaccination setting out. Ask if someone qualified, such as a nurse or pharmacist, will be giving the shot. Check if they’re offering an “all-in-one” shot which includes the H1N1 vaccine, or if they administer that one seperately. Once you choose your vaccine location, call ahead to see if they take walk-ins or if you need to schedule an appointment. After getting your vaccine, watch for any adverse reactions. You may have some flu-like symptoms or others, such as a sinus infection or a local reaction where the shot was given. If you have  an egg allergy, contact your doctor before getting vaccinated.

And always remember the easiest rule of fighting the flu — wash your hands!


Hello world!

17 Sep

Welcome to my new blog. I’ll be finding and sharing the freshest new products and hottest steals and deals around the internet. Check here often for hot trends, sales, deals, freebies, and reviews!

(Oh, and I’ve never done a wordpress blog before, so bare with me!)

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